What To Do If Your Electric Cooktop Is Not Working Properly

An electric cooktop can provide precise temperatures which make them quite popular in many homes. But if your electric cooktop is not functioning properly, that precision is likely nowhere to be found. If you have been having difficulties with your electric cooktop, the experts at a local repair shop can likely help, but here are some troubleshooting tips you might want to try first before you call for help.

Is It Plugged In?

No, seriously. The first rule of troubleshooting any electronic or electric device applies to your cooktops as well. Make sure the plug hasn't come loose from the outlet. If it's clearly plugged in but there's no power going to the stove, unplug it and try plugging in any other device just to make sure it works. If the problem seems to be the outlet itself, you can try flipping the breakers or contacting an electrician. But if the problem is clearly the cooktop, you likely need professional appliance repair.

Your Electric Cooktop Turns On But It Doesn't Warm Up

Having power is half the battle, but if that electric current doesn't seem to be warming the cooktop, there might be something going on with the coils. The coils often are removed by most homeowners when cleaning the cooktop, and a common problem occurs when the coils are not put back in correctly. If the coils no longer are properly connected to the cooktop, it's possible the coils could be heating but not actually transferring the heat to where it's supposed to go. Double-check that your coils are clean and properly in place in relation to the stove.

Your Electric Cooktop Is Heating Up But Doesn't Seem to Go to the Correct Temperature

As was mentioned earlier, one of the top benefits of an electric cooktop is its ability to maintain heat at a very precise temperature. But if the switch inside the cooktop that turns the dial used to adjust the burners is not working properly, your burners will not be able to adjust as they should. A faulty switch is most likely something that you should leave to a professional for repair.

In order to avoid problems with your electric cooktop, it's advised to get professional maintenance performed on it and the rest of your kitchen appliances at least once per year. If you encounter a problem, contact a local appliance repair service like one who provides Thermador repairs for assistance.