Five Signs Your Freezer Needs Expert Attention

Your freezer is a stalwart sentinel of preservation in your home or business, a quiet hero that stands guard over your perishables. But just like any other member of the household, it can fall ill. With signs as subtle as a whisper or as stark as a shout, your freezer may be telling you it's time to seek professional help for a repair. Read on to learn what to look—and listen—for when you suspect your freezer needs a hand.

Unwelcome Frost Building Up

Frost buildup inside a modern freezer indicates that the appliance is working harder than it should to maintain a consistent, chilly temperature. Such frost issues can lead to a variety of problems, from spoiling foods due to inconsistent temperatures to a spike in your energy bill, not to mention that the inconvenience of chipping away at a growing ice formation inside your appliance can be quite a headache.

Watery Wonders on the Chiller Shelf

Any unexplained pools of water inside or underneath your freezer can be an alarming discovery. This usually means that ice that has accumulated during the cooling cycles is not melting as it should and ends up pooling instead. Pooling water can damage perishables that have been stored in the freezer if it is not addressed promptly. It can also lead to mold, which is not only a health hazard but also challenging to eradicate, and it could also affect the taste of your food.

Mysterious Noise Violating the Silence of Storage

When your freezer starts to make unusual, repetitive, or loud noises that you haven’t heard before, it’s trying to communicate something significant. From grinding to squealing, these audio cues may point to compressor problems, motor issues, or even a part that is visibly failing. These noises can quickly snowball into larger system failures if left unaddressed, which can be both costly and inconvenient to remedy.

A Door That Can’t Keep Its Chill

Ideally, your freezer's door should seal shut effortlessly, with a soft whoosh and a gentle suction as the gasket engages. If the door feels loose or doesn’t seem to close on its own, or if you can see light when it’s shut, you have a significant problem. A compromised door seal can allow cold air to vent out of the freezer and warm air to seep in, leading to fluctuating temperatures and an overworked appliance.

A Sudden Spike in Energy Bills

An appliance in distress often struggles to perform its job efficiently. If you’ve noticed a surprise uptick in your energy bills alongside any of the aforementioned symptoms, your freezer could be to blame. An overtaxed freezer sucks up more power to keep up with the demand, causing a noticeable change in your utility costs.

In these scenarios, a repair service can not only save your food and protect your investment in the appliance but also put more money back in your pocket with lower energy costs. Contact a company like Economic Appliance Service to learn more.