Learn About Dryer Problems You Can Spot Early On

Appliances can give out suddenly and with no warning at all. This is an unfortunate problem that can leave you scrambling to replace your appliance, whether you are in the position to or not. Fortunately, household appliances will generally start to show signs that there is something wrong. This gives you time to have the appliance repair technician out. They may figure out that the issue is something they can fix for you. Then, you can get much more use out of that appliance. One appliance you want to keep in good working order is your dryer. Here are signs you can watch for that can indicate it may need to have repairs done:  

The dryer is taking longer to dry loads

The dryer can start taking longer to dry loads, but you may not be sure this is happening when it is gradual. So, if you think your dryer might be taking longer, then you should start tracking the amount of time your dryer is taking to dry loads starting now. If you see it is taking longer, then you want to have someone come look at it. There are some problems that can cause longer dryer times that can be fixed. Not only can this prevent worse issues, but it also helps your dryer become more energy efficient again. 

The drum stops spinning

When the drum of the dryer stops spinning, it can really freak some people out. They equate the drum no longer spinning with needing to replace the dryer. Luckily, this is not always the case. The problem may be something as simple as a belt that needs to be replaced. This is why it's never a good idea to automatically assume your dryer needs to be replaced before having a repair technician check it out. 

The dryer is making concerning sounds

Most of your appliances can start making concerning sounds when something is wrong with them. This is the same with dryers. Thumping sounds can occur with issues like a flattened roller, a worn roller, or a worn seal. It can make a grinding sound if the drum glides are worn and in need of replacement, or if the drum bearing needs to be replaced. Squealing noises can also mean a number of issues may be going on. Some of these can include a loose drive belt, a worn-out idler pulley, a roller shaft in need of replacement, or internal motor problems, to name a few. 

As soon as you start worrying about your dryer, you should be calling for a repair person to come out. This way, you won't be putting more wear on parts that may already be having problems.

Contact a local dryer repair service to learn more.