Does Your Microwave Need To Be Fixed?

Microwaves aren't as cheap as you'd think they'd be, so you want your unit to last as long as possible. Whether you use your microwave every day or only periodically, look for these signs your appliance needs to be repaired. The sooner you recognize issues with your microwave, the sooner you can fix them and keep your kitchen from accidentally burning down.

Uneven heating

A common complaint with faulty microwaves is this: food that heats up unevenly. Does your food remain ice cold in the center but appear nearly burnt on the outside? Or, does one side of your food get really hot while the other remains lukewarm?

Uneven heating is caused by a variety of factors. If your microwave is creating burn spots in the turning plate or causing the inside of your oven to warp or burn, call your microwave repair professional immediately.

Non-turning plate

The heating plate is the supplied plate to your microwave. This plate spins in a circle slowly while the microwave oven is turned on to distribute even amounts of heat to the food or beverages you have inside. If your microwave's turning plate isn't working for whatever reason, the items within the unit may heat up poorly.

Many issues can affect the turning plate: clean your unit under the plate to see if food or other debris is blocking the unit. Look for the plastic setting hook under the plate to make sure it's not missing or bent. If the turning piece of your microwave's plate is missing, your appliance repair professional will replace it for you.


A microwave can heat up to very hot temperatures that can cause a fire or other mechanical damage. If your microwave isn't working like it should, you will experience some overheating issues such as warping of glass or plastic containers, scorched food, or very hot coils inside the unit itself.

Since overheating of the microwave appliance itself is usually a sign of mechanical and electrical issues, unplug your microwave right away and address the situation with your appliance professional. You don't want to accidentally start a fire with your appliance and cause someone to get hurt.

If the repairs cost too much for your microwave, your appliance professional may recommend replacing the unit with a new one. Choose a microwave that fits your counter's dimensions for the most comfortable fit. Apartment-sized microwaves are available as well for your personal use.