Is Your Clothes Dryer Not Drying As Well As It Should? Maybe It’s You

When a clothes dryer stops drying as well as it should, there's a number of possible reasons why. Don't assume your dryer is dying or you need to replace it. Sometimes, dryer issues aren't even indicative of a malfunction. Maybe you're not using your dryer correctly or paying it enough attention.

Are You Using Your Clothes Dryer the Right Way?

If you're not using your dryer according to the manufacturer's instructions, you'll likely run into drying issues. Most of the time, changing your behavior when it comes to your dryer is enough to reverse the problem.

Unfortunately, if you use your dryer in the wrong way for too long, you might cause an issue that needs a repair. Clothes dryers vary by manufacturer, so it's best to seek help from your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website if you run into an issue.

Are you doing any of the following with your clothes dryer:

Overfilling the dryer - You may not even know your dryer's capacity. If you're putting in too many things, they won't dry as they should. Try putting in less clothing to see how that turns out.

Not cleaning the lint filter- Lint filters can fill up fast. You should check it after every load. If the filter itself looks grungy, you should wash it and let it dry.

Sometimes, lint and fabric softener material can clog the area behind the lint filter. Remove the filter; look in there with a flashlight. If you see anything, vacuum it out.

Are You Keeping an Eye Out for Wear and Tear?

Your clothes dryer can fall victim to wear and tear just like any other appliance. Don't assume because everything's working fine, there's no need to occasionally give your dryer a visual inspection. If your dryer isn't drying as it should, try looking out for obvious signs of wear.

Check the door seal - The rubber seal around your dryer door helps to keep the hot air in the dryer and cooler air out. If the seal starts to wear or becomes damaged, it loses its efficiency.

Check the air duct hose – If your dryer sits too close to the wall, it can affect the air duct hose. This can pinch the air duct hose, which makes it hard for moisture to escape.

Once again, the lint filter can play a role here as well. If the filter looks damaged, see if you can purchase a replacement online or at an appliance services center

Are You Considering Replacing Your Dryer For This Issue?

If all else fails, don't hesitate to have a professional appliance repair service take a look. Repair is usually cheaper than replacement when it comes to appliances. Your dryer likely has a lot of life in it yet. Even better, after the repair, you can start treating your dryer right. That way, you'll get even more life out of it.

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