Possible Causes Of Unusual Dryer Noises

If your clothes dryer is suddenly making odd noises, then repairs are in order. Some of the repairs are fairly simple to do if you have DIY skills, and others require the assistance of a professional. Here are a few of the problems that might cause your dryer to be noisy and the repairs that might help:

Squealing And Squeaking Noises

Squealing or high-pitched noises can be caused by a number of things. The bearings might be bad, and if so, they will need to be replaced. Another problem might be a worn belt. The dryer belt wears out with age and becomes brittle, which causes it to crack and break. When the belt is worn, it makes squeaking or screeching noises when you run the dryer. Putting on a new belt is the only solution. This is a job you might be able to do on your own if you feel comfortable taking parts out of the appliance.

A bad motor can also cause squealing noises. Noises from the motor could be caused by various components that are broken or worn out. It may be difficult to isolate the motor as the source of the problem without checking other parts, such as the belt, first. You may need professional help if the motor goes bad since there are a number of parts that could be to blame for the noise.

Thumping And Clicking Noises

Thumping, clicking, and scratching noises are often signs of problems with the dryer drum. One problem could be a worn dryer seal. If the seal breaks, it can flap around as the drum spins. When the seal is gone, clothing can get caught in the drum too, and this causes a thumping sound. Replacing a worn seal is necessary to stop the noise and to also protect your clothing from damage. Broken rollers or glides can create a thumping sound as the drum turns too.

The glides support the drum so it rolls smoothly and when they are worn out you'll hear a clicking or scratching sound as the metal glides across metal. The drum rollers offer support to the drum as well, and when they are worn out the drum doesn't roll freely. This results in thumping or even squeaking noises. These are parts that must be replaced with new ones to restore your dryer to working order.

When your dryer makes loud or unusual noises, it's possible it will still function well enough to dry your clothes. However, it isn't a good idea to use the appliance when it is malfunctioning. Instead, have your appliance repaired so you can avoid causing more expensive damage to the dryer or your clothing.

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