3 Reasons Why You May Want To Pass On That Extended Appliance Warranty

If you are in the process of purchasing new appliances for your home, you may want to pass on the extended warranties that seem to be offered with just about every appliance on the market today. Here are three reasons why you may want to pass on that extended appliance warranty.

#1 Third-Party Service

Many warranties offer service not through the place where you purchased the item or directly from the manufacture. Instead, they offer the warranties through third parties. These third parties may not even be locally based, which means that when your appliances break down, you will need to call the number of your extended warranty. Then, you may need to wait multiple days for the service to send someone out to you to fix your appliances. This is not very convenient for when you need to use your appliances and require a fix within hours, not days.

#2 Lack Of Coverage

When you are offered an extended warranty with your appliances, you should look carefully at what is covered. Often times, the coverage this is offered only covers specific parts for a certain length of time. Or the warranty will only cover repairs if they are based on certain factors, such as wear, and not on accidental damage. There are often many conditions built into your extended warranty that can cause it to end up being ineffective when you really need the repair.

#3 Expensive Investment

Oftentimes, the extended warranties that are offered with your appliances can be really expensive. For small appliances, such as a coffee maker or a microwave, the cost of the warranty may not be worth it. You may be able to get the repair done for a lot less by just taking it to a local repair shop, like Appliance Doctor, if you ever need to repair your appliances.

Before you invest in an expensive warranty for your appliances, look at the warranty carefully and see who will service your appliances, what it covers and the cost of the warranty equals the cost of repairs you could one day face. If the extended warranty outsources repairs to third parties and doesn't cover parts or labor that you really need it to cover, you may be better served by just calling up your local appliance repair company when you need assistance with your appliances instead of investing in an overpriced extended warranty that may not be able to provide you with the assistance you really need.