Summer Heat: 4 Problems Associated With A Sweaty Refrigerator

During the summer, it's normal for humans to sweat and suffer through the heat. When we open up our refrigerator, we do not expect our food and drinks to be having the same issue. Sweat found on items in a refrigerator is showcased through extra moisture and condensation that appears on the outside of food and drinks. A properly operating refrigerator would not typically feature these issues. When food and drinks start sweating in your fridge, it's typically a sign of a malfunction. There are multiple problems that can be causing these issues. By understanding the different problems, you can contact refrigerator repair workers and have it fixed before the problem gets worse.

Door Switches & Seals

If your refrigerator is not properly shut, then it can be hard to keep items cool. As air gets into the fridge, items can warm up and condensation naturally forms on the outside. You will notice this a lot with bottles like water or condiments that you keep in the fridge. If the sweating items are widespread around the fridge, then you may need your door switches and seals examined. Even the smallest problem with a door seal can make a huge difference on the performance of a refrigerator. An appliance repair specialist from a company like Anderson's Appliance Repair Service can inspect your doors to see how they shut and where air leaks have occurred. During the repair process, the seals of the fridge may be replaced along with the door switches that lock it into place when shut.

Thermostat Issues

The ideal temperature for your refrigerator should remain at a constant 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is colder, you may risk the food freezing. If it is any warmer, then it may cause sweating and spoilage for some items. The main way that your refrigerator regulates these temperatures is with a built-in thermostat component. If this thermostat malfunctions, your items may not be getting the proper cooling that they need. Without an accurate thermostat reading, the cooling components will not kick on like they should. To determine if the thermostat is at fault, repair technicians will measure various temperatures in the refrigerator and test the functioning of the thermostat. The part is fairly easy for them to replace and getting a new part can ensure that your refrigerator runs properly again.

Evaporator Fan

To help keep cool air in the refrigerator, an evaporator fan spreads the air from the freezer and into the refrigerator. This fan is supposed to run anytime the compressor on the fridge runs. When the fan fails, you may notice sweaty items in your fridge and warmer temperatures. A repair service can come to inspect the fan to see if it's properly operating. Typically, the best repair for this type of problem is an evaporator fan replacement. Over time, these fans can build-up gunk and other problems that cause wear. By getting a new evaporator fan installed, your refrigerator will have a better performance and the ability to keep cool air flowing throughout the whole fridge.

Water Inlet Valve

If your fridge has an ice maker or water dispenser, then it needs a water inlet valve attached to the back of it. These valves carry fresh water into the refrigerator, but they can also cause problems if they are leaking or malfunctioning. Leaking water can cause extra moisture in the fridge and give food items the sweaty appearance. One of the key ways to tell if the problem is a leaky water valve is to see where the water is piling up at. If the water is pooled up more near the bottom of the items, then it is likely leaky water that is dripping down off of food and drinks. A repair technician can replace the valve and ensure that future leaks are prevented from occurring.

When noticing the sweating food issue, you should take as many notes as your can. This can help a technician find the problem faster and come up with a positive solution.